Example Roof Models

Roof models completed at full scale (1:1) using precise measurements

AppliCad has worked for over 20 years refining the roof modelling tools to the extent that we now reasonably claim that the software is capable of modelling any roof shape you will ever come across. No doubt some are more complicated than others, but if they can be physically built, then we can model it in 3D.

To produce a quotation (with a few exceptions) one must create the roof model so that we can simulate the application of the roof material based on squares or sq metres. From this simulation we extract the EXACT roof quantities, roof supply and install quotation using the online server based processor. (Note: If you need more detail such as material cutting lists, material orders and workshop details etc. you will need to upgrade to one of AppliCad's professional products such as Sorcerer or Roof Wizard.)

Below we have collated screen shots and examples of a few of the models that we have produced at the support centre to demonstrate some of the roof modelling features of RoofScape.


Photo of Florida Church.

3D Model of Florida Church.

Exploded view of metal roof with parapets and awning.

Multi-hip roof with different eave heights.

Continuous roof shape.

Automatically dimension whole roof in 3D and know it is correct.


Roof plan digitised for scanned plan or satellite image.

What-ever the architect designs, you can model.


No roof outline is too complex.

Gables in the middle of a roof.

Multiple roof elements that merge or intersect.

Roof areas with different roof pitch - in degrees or slope or %

Slate roof model with different eave heights all round.

Representation of tiles on the 3D model.

Digitise a satellite image.

3D model, directly from the satellite image - ready to prepare quotation.

Isometric 3D view of multi-level roof model.

Commercial or residential, all roof shapes may be modelled.

Cut-out tools may be used to modify perimeter shapes.

Roof geometry isn't always what it seems.

Check all the line types in 3D - know what you're getting.

Split level or multi-level in just 2 steps.

Allow an architect to go for it, and they will....

One mouse click and you're done.

Add most roof features in a single mouse-click.

One click and extract all the roof geometry numbers.

Digitise over sketches or digital photo's of a plan - auto re-scale.

View from any point of view to check accuracy.


If you have modelled some really cool roof shapes and would like us to include them here, email them to the support team - enquiries@applicad.com.au



AppliCad Support Team

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