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Tutorials - Setting up your charge-out rates

These tutorials will introduce the method we use to create the roof shape, check that it is correct then create a quotation using your predefined rates.

This step is quick easy to understand - the rates you define here are the rates the secure server uses when finishing your quotation/estimate. The rates are unit area charges for materials and labour - inclusive of all extras. Simply fill out the table and save.




Now you are set to go - download and install RoofScape, check Preferences, Set User ID and start modelling.

These tutorials will get you started - if you have a further question, please drop us a line -

Software Services

For our roofing customers, AppliCad has the most advanced software at a level that suits your business.

A business doesn't make money costing, quoting, designing, documenting, drawing, scheduling, organising and managing. These things are important, however, you only make money installing the roof. AppliCad will significantly reduce the time spent on non-income-earning administration, and significantly speed up the actual income earning task of suppling and installing roofing.

Visit the AppliCad web site for more details about the full range of products for modelling roofs, estimating roofing materials.