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Export Roof Data Files


Once you have completed your roof model, and checked that it is correct (checking), you must export the roof model data to the server for processing. Select Export Est. File from the pulldown menu.


You will then be prompted to confirm your login User ID. - use your own number not the one shown here!

The software will connect to the secure server via the internet, drop the file into your folder and then using the rates you previously defined, generate the quotation/estimate for your client. During the download process you will see the following splash screen.



Once the roof data has been exported, the quotation/estimate is completed and then available to view - go to the Display page from the Register screen or from the file menu View Estimates from within RoofScape. You need to be connected to the Internet to view your quotations/estimates.



These tutorials will get you started - if you have a further question, please drop us a line -