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Roof Estimating - Installing over the top of the UAC


A note has already been made of the first issue a lot of people are having with running the download – that is the security settings of the web browser (typically Internet Explorer) that blocks content from everywhere and anywhere on the web.  We have a link on the registration page to details on how to fix that (allowing the operator to download content from as it is a ‘Trusted’ site). (click here to go directly to this link.)


During the last couple of days a further issue has arisen with the installation of RoofScape on Windows 7 (this is over and above installing RoofScape or indeed any of our other products on Vista and Windows 64 bit versions). For the record, the version of Installshield we currently use does not work on 64 bit operating systems. This will be rectified when we update the Installshield with the next release, due in a couple of months. If you have a 64 bit version of Windows (typically Windows7) contact Applicad and we will get a pre-installed version to you -

The Problem

The issue is to do with a change Microsoft has made to the UAC (User Access Control).  It interferes with a component of the version of Installshield we use (the program that uncompress’s and installs the software) and manifests itself as shown here (refer to the three dialogs that you will get, plus a couple more after this that I have not shown).  Why the sudden change I don’t know, but it stops Installshield in its tracks.  For the record, we will be updating Installshield from the next version, v5.8 and we anticipate that this issue will be resolved.  As at today (5 May 2010), that is a few months away.

The install error manifests itself as shown below:

Security Warning

Then this:
WinZip Extractor

Then this:
Setup Progress

Then this:
INS0576 Association



The Solution

In the meantime, there are two ways around this. 

(1) Turn off the UAC all together (this is what I have done) and re-install RoofScape.    You do this through Control Panel > User Accounts > Change Account Types and turn it off. In many companies, this may not be desirable as it is contrary to their Internet security policies.


(2) The other way to get RoofScape to install (and probably the preferred way if you are security conscious), is to download the RoofScape.exe self extracting file and when prompted, do not select Run, but save it to the desktop (or some other location that you will be able to find). Once the download is complete right click on the RoofScape.exe file and select ‘Run as Administrator’.   It will install correctly.