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Roof Estimating - Privacy Settings


We need to record your user ID for your future access to the roofestimating.com site so you can review quotations and reports. We do this by writing a 'cookie' on your computer so that your user ID is recorded. Most installations of Windows (especially XP and Vista) sets the Internet privacy settings at a level that stops our software from writing the cookie and saving your registration details.

To change the settings without compromising your computer's security over the Internet, please follow these simple steps.

First, open Internet Explorer and go to the Tools menu. Select Internet Options.

The following screen is displayed.

Now select the Privacy tab. The following box is displayed.

Select the Sites button.

Now in the first field, Addess of website, type roofestimating.com then select the Allow button. roofestimating.com is then displayed in the Managed websites field list. To further allow the IP address for roofestimating.com type the IP address in the Address of website field - and select Allow. This is also added to the Managed websites list.

Select OK and Ok back through the dialog boxes to the main menu. The download will now work just fine.

Your access and navigation through the roofestimating website will now work as expected, and most importantly, without compromising your regular security and privacy settings.


It has also been noted recently that the new 'feature' of User Access Control or UAC implemented by Microsoft on Windows Vista and Windows7 is interferring with the installation of the RoofScape product. If you are experiencing problems (the install stops and reports that an appliaction is not associated etc) please click here for instructions to complete the installation.